Veterinary staff doing vaccination for dog

Pet Vaccinations in Avenel, NJ

St. Georges Veterinary Hospital proudly provides comprehensive pet vaccination services. Our skilled and experienced veterinary team will analyze your pet’s age, breed, health condition, and lifestyle to create a personalized vaccination plan tailored to their needs. We understand individuals have unique pet needs, so we offer extra attention and care when deciding on a vaccine schedule and providing needed vaccinations in a safe and controlled environment. Keep your pet healthy by visiting our hospital today for information, advice, and pet vaccine services!

An up-to-date vaccination strategy protects your pet from disease and illness. Our veterinarians tailor vaccine protocols specific to each pet. We recommend boosters with TruFel Ultra (by Elanco) for cats to protect against distemper and respiratory viruses. We recommend yearly vaccinations for dogs using Elanco’s TruCan DAPPi (5-in-one vaccine). This single injection protects our canine friends from distemper, parvovirus, coronavirus, parainfluenza, and adenovirus. In some cases, boosters for Lyme disease, Bordetella (TruCan B by Elanco), and Feline Leukemia (TruFel Ultra FeLV by Elanco) are also given annually. Rabies vaccination (Imrab3 by Boehringer Ingelheim ) is given the first year and then boosters every three years. For dogs, we recommend a yearly heartworm test.

Veterinary staff doing vaccination for dog

Benefits for your pet

  • Tailored Protection: Personalized vaccination plans crafted for your pet’s unique characteristics ensure optimal protection against diseases.
  • Comprehensive Disease Protection: Safeguard your pet’s health with targeted vaccines like TruFel Ultra and TruCan DAPPi, offering extensive coverage against various diseases.
  • Safe and Controlled Environment: Prioritize your pet’s comfort and safety during vaccinations, ensuring a positive experience in our secure environment.
  • Yearly Boosters and Recommendations: Proactively address your pet’s health with tailored yearly boosters, addressing risks like Lyme disease, Bordetella, and Feline Leukemia.
  • Rabies Vaccination Schedule: Follow a structured rabies vaccination schedule for continuous protection, a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership.
  • Knowledgeable Guidance: Access expert advice from our veterinary team, dedicated to providing the best care and information for your pet’s well-being.
  • Disease and Illness Prevention: Emphasize the fundamental role of up-to-date vaccinations in protecting your pet from various diseases and illnesses.