Veterinary staff wearing a black face mask

Pet Laboratory Testing in Avenel, NJ

At St. Georges Veterinary Hospital, our team of pet medical professionals recommends regular laboratory testing to monitor pet health and catch any developing issues. Pet owners can rest assured that the laboratory tests performed at St. Georges Veterinary Hospital are conducted to the highest standards, as we are committed to providing exceptional pet health care and promoting pet wellness.

Our laboratory testing services cover a wide range of pet screenings, allowing our veterinarians to assess organ functions, diagnose infections, and even detect cancer markers on a pet’s blood sample. Routine blood testing provides information about your pet’s health that cannot be detected during routine physical examinations.

We are equipped with sophisticated instruments to measure many laboratory values. As a compliment to our regular laboratory services, our in-house diagnostic capabilities allow us to obtain results pre-surgically or in an emergency within minutes. Our hospital also provides allergy testing for pets.

Our extensive laboratory services provide information critical to the sick or injured pet. We have access in-house and at our centralized reference laboratory to extensive diagnostic testing. This allows our patients to receive appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

Veterinary staff wearing a black face mask

Benefits for your pet

At St. Georges Veterinary Hospital in Avenel, NJ, we prioritize your pet’s well-being with a dedicated team of medical professionals. Our commitment to exceptional healthcare is reflected in the recommendation for regular laboratory testing, ensuring early detection, comprehensive screenings, and timely interventions. Rest assured, our high standards, advanced instruments, and in-house diagnostics contribute to accurate insights, facilitating optimal pet health benefits.

  • Regular Monitoring: Regular lab testing helps monitor pet health, detecting issues early for prompt intervention.
  • Highest Standards: Laboratory tests conducted at St. Georges Veterinary Hospital adhere to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional pet healthcare and wellness promotion.
  • Comprehensive Screenings: Wide-ranging screenings assess organ functions, diagnose infections, and detect cancer markers for a holistic understanding of your pet’s health.
  • In-depth Health Insights: Routine blood testing reveals crucial health information that may not be apparent during standard physical examinations.
  • Sophisticated Instruments: Equipped with advanced instruments, we measure various laboratory values, ensuring accurate and comprehensive results for informed decision-making.
  • In-house Diagnostics: Our in-house capabilities provide quick results, facilitating pre-surgical or emergency assessments within minutes.
  • Allergy Testing: St. Georges Veterinary Hospital offers allergy testing services for pets, aiding in the identification and management of allergies.
  • Timely Treatment: Access to extensive diagnostic testing, both in-house and at our centralized reference laboratory, ensures timely and appropriate treatment for sick or injured pets.
  • Critical Information: Our extensive laboratory services provide critical information for effective care, allowing prompt and tailored treatment for our patients.