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Pet Ultrasound in Avenel, NJ

At St. Georges Veterinary Hospital, pet owners can access ultrasound technology to more effectively diagnose and treat any potential pet illness immediately. Using ultrasound, our experienced veterinary technicians can take images of pet organs and check for signs of infection or abnormalities that are not visible on the outside. Pet owners can rest assured that our ultrasound technology has been tested and approved for use by top veterinarians. We strive to provide a service that only delivers the most accurate results and reliable pet diagnostics possible through ultrasound technology.

An ultrasound is similar to an X-ray but provides real-time evaluation of your pet’s internal organs. With access to board-certified radiology specialists, we can provide an extremely high level of advanced imaging services on-site. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your pet is being evaluated by medical experts. An ultrasound can locate a foreign body in the intestine without costly and time-consuming X-rays, leading to earlier intervention and surgical removal. An ultrasound examination is less invasive, less stressful, and more comfortable for your pet.

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Benefits for Your Pet

  • Early Detection: Our ultrasound technology enables early identification of potential pet illnesses, allowing for prompt intervention and treatment at St. Georges Veterinary Hospital.
  • Accurate Diagnosis: With the real-time evaluation of internal organs, experienced veterinary technicians utilize ultrasound for precise imaging, ensuring an accurate diagnosis for effective pet care.
  • Expert Evaluation: Pets at our hospital benefit from the expertise of board-certified radiology specialists, providing a high level of advanced on-site imaging services and thorough evaluation by medical experts.
  • Cost-Efficient: By locating intestinal foreign bodies without the need for expensive X-rays, ultrasound examinations at our facility offer a cost-effective solution for pet owners.
  • Less Invasive: We prioritize the comfort of your pet with less invasive and stress-free ultrasound examinations, ensuring a positive experience during the diagnostic process.
  • Approved Technology: Rest assured, our ultrasound technology is rigorously tested and approved by top veterinarians, meeting the highest standards in pet healthcare.
  • Comprehensive Service: St. Georges Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to delivering reliable and accurate pet diagnostics, utilizing advanced ultrasound technology for a comprehensive approach to your pet’s health.